Screening for Cast and Crew in Santa Fe

A private screening for cast and crew will be held on October 24th at 7 P.M. in Santa Fe. Rene says, “Everyone in the movie worked their ass off and it shows. Being surrounded by the talent of the actors and the skill of the director and crew was overwhelming. This is going to be a great year for this movie and I’m extremely proud of it!”

Introducing Where Is Home

Introducing a new film by Craig Clark and Rene Reyes. Follow the journey of a guy who is down but not out as he takes an unexpected turn where every new beginning starts from old endings. Rene Reyes’ performance brings the audience a personal look inside one man’s strength, courage, and vision.

Plans are in motion for a premiere in Santa Fe, New Mexico as early as October. Follow the Facebook page here for current news as the film is presently being submitted to festivals.